The Lean Engineering Travel Guide

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Enfin, le Guide de Voyage du Lean en Ingénierie a été traduit et enrichi dans cette publication en Anglais. Il vous invite à un voyage entre les territoires des Clients et des Produits, en passant bien sûr par celui des personnes. C’est le guide de référence de tous ceux qui s’interrogent sur le Lean dans les domaines du développement de produit (qu’il s’agisse d’équipement, de service, ou de systèmes…). Bon voyage !

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Lean is an essential way of working in a world that is accelerating and becoming more complex. It revalues the human dimension in the company by encouraging individual thinking and initiative and gives meaning to teams that are more and more challenged by competitiveness and innovation.

This book is designed as a travel guide. The first part includes all the traditional sections from the ‘front end’ of a travel guide, including some basic vocabulary, tips, and a historical section about some of the pioneers of Lean in Engineering. The journey begins in the second part, which explains a number of Lean Engineering practices in some detail and the best itineraries to develop better products, discussing the underlying intentions and offering advice for implementation. Numerous concrete cases illustrate this part with case material drawn from the authors’ own experiences. Part Three is a brief guide to where and how to get started.

Currently, there are no books on Lean Engineering written by practising engineers who have themselves experienced the adjustment of Lean principles to the business and challenges of new product development. The authors describe tools and practices that have already been widely tested and improved by many engineers with different cultures and skills in the Thales Group and other companies. Lean Engineering as we describe it has thus been able to demonstrate its effectiveness for several years. In addition, the authors describe new unique practices invented within the framework of their activities and which thus do not exist anywhere else (e.g., causal influence diagram (CID), Pull-Scheduling Board).

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12 avis pour The Lean Engineering Travel Guide

  1. BERT

    Je recommande la lecture de ce livre. Il m’a permis une meilleure compréhension des systèmes d’ingéniérie et de la force du lean pour les challenger et les rendre meilleurs. Je recommande ce livre qui se lit facilement et qui vous amènera à vous poser de nouvelles questions sur vos activités.

  2. Barange

    A must read if you want to explore Lean Engineering and understand how to make a good product, that will bring value to your customers, and how to make it well, by developping people. It describes very clearly the different tools you have to know to succeed in your product development, but also the intention behind them. I strongly recommand this book!

  3. Chomat

    Most complete book making you explore all the aspects of the Lean Engineering landscape !

    Many thanks to Cecile & Luc for having find a way to bring the reader to travel over the whole LEAN Engineering landscape. That is very inspiring. I was particularly inspired by the chapter concerning the territory of people development : connecting the people who knows by creating the appropriate working space, and asking open questions to bring them to have the appropriate focus on the real problems and the real added value for the customers. Keep your eyes open and let’s have a good travel.

  4. Fiancette Frederic

    Great travel guide for your lean engineering journey
    “Good Thinking, good product” : If you want to discover, step by step, how to avoid misconceptions while developing new products, this book is a must read !

  5. Mercier

    Diving into ‘The Lean Engineering Travel Guide’ is like a journey. This must-read guide carefully guides you through the ins and outs of avoiding misunderstandings, breaking down Lean Engineering step by step. Authors Cécile Roche and Luc Delamotte highlight that it’s not just about tools but about developing people and delivering value to customers. Their insights, mixed with real-world examples, give a clear picture of Lean principles, making this book a must-read for those aiming for innovation and success in product development.

  6. Leroy

    The guide to developing a manufacturable product that will please customers !
    There are very few books or articles on Lean Engineering, even though it was the system and organization of development and innovation that contributed most to Toyota’s success.
    Cécile and Luc have done it!
    This book, which was previously published only in French, is now, along with the English version, the reference on Lean Engineering.
    Well done, congratulations!

  7. Verdon

    This book is perfect for succeeding in product and service launch projects using lean concepts. Congratulations to the authors.

  8. Turland Philippe

    Lean practises in the manufacturing process is a must when we believe in developing people competences and know how ; The task is a hard path whatever the product, the service, the customers demands, but when the engineering integrate the same philosophy, then manufacture and design are not pushing back each others. Thanks to the authors to open our mind toward a systemic efficiency in respect with two complementary approach, engineering to help manufacturing and vice versa.

  9. Jonathan

    The ‘Lean Engineering Travel Guide’ is a pioneering work, essential for modern engineers. Designed as a travel guide, it introduces readers to Lean principles with practical tips, basic vocabulary, and a fascinating historical overview. The second part, rich in case studies drawn from the authors’ experience, offers detailed exploration of Lean Engineering practices and implementation strategies. This book stands out for its ability to blend theory with practical application, and for its unique practices like the Causal Influence Diagram (CID). An indispensable guide for navigating the complex and competitive world of product development.

  10. christophe Richard

    “In ‘The Lean Engineering Travel Guide,’ Cécile Roche and Luc Delamotte echo a powerful reminder from their conferences: there’s no greater waste than skillfully designing the wrong product, one that fails to captivate customers. This book isn’t just a guide to good design; it’s a compass for creating the right product. Through insightful concepts like Set Based Concurrent Engineering and Concept Paper, the authors provide a roadmap for navigating the intricacies of product development. With clarity and depth, they empower readers to not only excel in design but to ensure their creations resonate with customers. A must-read for anyone steering the course of innovation.”

  11. Julien Marjac

    A MUST HAVE for every Engineering team!
    The ‘Lean Engineering Travel Guide’ is an essential and indispensable book for successful product development. The several implementations in concrete study cases allow us to appropriate the best practices of Lean Engineering and help us to define the best product development strategies.
    Thanks a lot to the authors!

  12. Camille

    The greatest waste lies in the attempt to sell, manufacture, and deliver mediocre products… It’s obvious, but so few care! Cécile and Luc are among the rare experts in lean engineering, guiding us to trace back to the source of product design to build and deliver high-value products and services, without wasting resources.

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