Masterclass “Leverage the Obeya Practice to Successfully Deliver IT Projects” Edmond Nguyen and Pierre Jannez

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13 mars @ 9 h 30 min - 17 h 30 min

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edmond nguyen pierre jannez obeyaDelight  your customers, empower your team, and ensure clarity of communications with the practice of Obeya.
In this Masterclass you’ll learn how routine visual management with your team can help meet deadlines and increase the quality of delivery.


After this masterclass, you will be able to:
– Create and develop a Lean “war room” using effective visual management to dramatically improve your project’s performance.

– Identify the obstacles to a successful delivery and improve communication and clarity among team members.

– Practice data-driven decision-making to solve root cause issues and involve key stakeholders.

Masterclass Format:

This interactive course blends theory, practical exercises and discussions led by two Obeya Masters, Edmond Nguyen and Pierre Jannez.
Pierre Jannez is a Lean IT coach and an Obeya specialist: for the past ten years, he has coached IT teams to design their own project management tools. He has run Obeya workshops at various Agile conferences in Belgium and at the Lean IT Summit in Paris.

Edmond Nguyen has successfully coached IT teams by setting up several Obeya in their workplace to help them deliver their projects on time, and on budget with the expected level of quality. Thanks to his Toyota background, Edmond acquired a solid Lean experience. He leads the on-the-job Institut Lean France “Lean IT Academy” for IT managers who learn to apply Lean principles  to the development and management of their IT products and services.


  • Introduction: The main problems encountered during IT projects
  • Presentation: The history, function, and possibilities of the Obeya
  • Practical exercise: Design and build the 7 panels of the Obeya visual management.
  • Learn: Use the Obeya practice to tackle operational problems.
  • Conclusion and Debrief : Expert tips on starting the practice of Obeya.


Date :
13 mars
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9 h 30 min - 17 h 30 min
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